Kenyan barris says Kenya’s ‘bitter’ family law could be repealed in weeks

Kenya’s government is considering changes to its family law to reduce the number of divorces in the country.Key points:Kenya’s new Family Law Reform Bill would allow a divorce to be filed in the absence of a spouse, parent or guardianIn a joint petition, the parents and the children would have the right to ask for a divorceThe new law would […]

Google’s new search engine ‘Google Earth’ for kids: A great way to explore the world for free!

This is a must-read article about how Google Earth will transform kids’ lives by making them interactive, interactive, and interactive-filled.The Google Earth team, including CEO Eric Schmidt and CTO Ed Yong, worked with the kids of the Google Brain Lab to create an educational, interactive experience that can be used to explore their world and their neighborhoods.Google Earth is being […]

How to Make Your Own Nudist Vacation at Home

If you’re a nudist, you may have noticed a trend: there’s a new one out there for the summer.We’ve compiled a list of all the different kinds of nudist resorts in North America, and we’ve put together a guide to get you started.It’s worth checking out all of these sites and their different properties to find out if they have […]

How to get the most out of your family dollar, partridge family

With an increasing number of families needing more and more money, it’s hard to find the right time and money for your family.So, if you’re a family of four, you should probably have an easy way to get more out of each dollar you spend.But before we get to the right ways to spend your family’s dollars, here are some […]

Family business, which had been in bankruptcy for more than a decade, has been rescued from bankruptcy with $1.5 billion infusion of capital

NEW YORK — Family business, a family-owned business, that had been on a life-or-death spiral for more years, has finally been rescued with $5 billion in cash infusion, the company said Tuesday.Its turnaround came on the heels of an infusion of nearly $5.6 billion into its operations that was completed last week.The investment came from the family of the late […]

How much does your family make?

Family and friends have long wondered how much they should be paying for a family pet.But that’s about to get even more complicated thanks to an increase in the cost of pets.More than ever, the cost to house and care for a pet is going up, with the average cost to feed and groom a pet set to jump by […]

Which family therapy practices are your kids really into?

A lot of parents are still struggling to understand the value of family therapy, and the practice of family.But the growing number of research studies is providing insights that can help parents understand what their kids are interested in and what they might enjoy more.And this year, we’re sharing a few of those insights with you.In our first of a […]

When Trump and the First Lady were first born – The story behind their birthdays

By Nidal El-FakirWhen it comes to the first family of Donald Trump, there’s a lot of speculation about when they were born.Many historians agree that Ivanka was born in December 1852, when her father was president of the United States.But what exactly is the official story? Some of the most famous people in the United State, including President John Adams, President […]

What you need to know about the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphone, including the new curved glass display and curved front panel.

Samsung has revealed its latest smartphone, the Galaxy S7, to the world for the first time, after unveiling it at its launch event in November.We already knew the new Galaxy S9 would be unveiled at the same event, but this is the first official confirmation of a curved screen and a curved front-panel.The company is calling it the “Super Bowl […]

Addams Family cast as Texas family fitness members

Addams family members have been cast as fitness members of a Texas family who compete in a fitness competition.The Texas Family Fitness Tournament (TFTF) was launched in 2017 and features four teams of five competing in 10 rounds of the 10-kilometre course.The cast of characters include Addams, his daughter Amber (Amber Riley), son Addy (Drew Barrymore) and brother Eric (Josh […]