What does the dollar mean to you?

Share Share Share Some families may have been celebrating their birthdays in a big way at home with family dinner ideas and family dollar coupons. Others may have started their day by playing video games. For many, the dollar is their first real experience of spending on food.Here are some of the ways to use the dollar as a way to pay […]

Why I went nude in my 30s

I went into my 30’s nude, but it was not for the purpose of my career.I went to a nudist park to get away from my parents, and I also went to the gym for exercise.I enjoyed it.I was a bit of a masochist and the gym was a little bit lonely, so I decided to go back to being […]

How to spot a naked family member in a restaurant

The average American eats dinner every night and has a family of four, with most of them sharing the table with another person or family member.But the naked family is on a different level from the rest of us.It’s just a matter of being naked in public.But are there signs of family life?Here’s what you need to know about family […]

When is the last time you checked your Twitter feed?

The last time anyone saw you was when you were checking your Twitter account for updates.It was like you had been disconnected from the rest of the world.That’s not to say you didn’t know how to use the internet, you were just not used to it.I was very used to checking my Twitter feed and having notifications.You have to be […]

Why the family dollar is an awesome way to spend family time

The family dollar offers a fun and convenient way to keep families engaged, connected and entertained during the holiday season.The family dinner or family party is perfect for your next family gathering or holiday celebration.In fact, the family dinner is such a hit that the family budget will have more than enough left over to fill the family freezer.It is […]

How to celebrate your brady day by celebrating the family values

By Tom BradyFamily values are at the heart of the British people, and it’s not hard to see why.As the British government struggles to reconcile its relationship with the growing right-wing movement, and the Conservatives continue to win back support from traditional supporters, the family value agenda has emerged as the driving force behind the Government’s efforts to appeal to […]