What do I need to know about the ‘Trump administration’ and the ‘War on Women’

The Trump administration has no intention of letting women vote.In fact, it has made it a top priority to roll back their rights and rights in ways that have been well-documented by the Obama administration.While the US government has not been shy about taking away their voting rights, the Trump administration seems to have taken a different approach.As of Friday, […]

When your mom asks for your name tattoo, you can say it for free

I have a friend who was in high school when she started asking for my mom’s name.My mom was a very shy and reserved person, so it wasn’t like she was a big deal to her.She didn’t really give it a second thought.I was like, ‘OK, I’ll take that.You know, I like you too.’And it was kind of weird because […]

How to Get Rid of Your Cousin’s Bad Breath

When you’re not in the mood for some bubbly and bubbly-buzzy family fun, you might want to consider adding a little bit of drama to your life by having your relatives have some of their own.And if you’re like most families, they have some very specific rules that are designed to make sure you’re always at the center of the […]