Which family members are taking vacation with their children?

I know this is a tough one, but when your family member is taking a vacation with a new child, you have to ask yourself a few questions: Which of their kids are going to have fun?And how much will that trip cost?And if you’re worried about being the first to go, there’s no telling what the kids will be […]

What you need to know about the Naturist Family Christmas Movies

The Naturists, the largest non-profit nudist and beach community in the U.S., has a tradition of hosting Christmas Eve parties, and they’re bringing it back with a new holiday tradition.The party is called the “Naturist Holiday Parade,” and it’s set to take place on December 15th at the Hollywood Palladium.The Naturistas will have some fun, including a parade with a […]

How to be a better dad in a family with an inbred gene

A father with a genetic mutation that causes his offspring to develop as fat and unhealthy is trying to change the way he raises his children.The family’s four children were born in different homes and all developed an obesity problem within their first few years of life.Each of them had to be isolated from their siblings, which meant the family […]

How do you keep your family from getting divorced?

What happens when you get married and have children and then divorce?The question is often asked, but the answer depends on how much time your children are spending with you.If you have children, you might be able to work out how much you should take home each week, based on your work.However, if you have no children, there’s no such […]