How to save your family’s house and move to a new one

Family home and family vacation is an option for many, but the real estate market may have gotten a little more expensive since last year.The market is still far from healthy and prices have been rising year-over-year.But the good news is that some of the cheaper options out there are starting to look pretty good.Here are the best deals on […]

Trump is planning to take ‘very strong’ stance on transgender people

President Donald Trump is expected to announce Thursday a ban on transgender students in schools, but it’s unclear what the president’s stance on the issue will be.Trump is likely to announce his position on transgender Americans at the end of the day.He could announce that the president has already made a decision about transgender students, as some Democrats have suggested, […]

At&t, AT&T and the ‘family plan’

At&amp.t and AT&gt.have come together to offer a one-year, no-cost Family Plan to help families pay for their basic needs.This is an important move for AT&lt.The AT&ts plan will cover the cost of paying rent, utilities and child care for children under 6 and will include a free meal, with a maximum of one meal per month.The plan will also […]

When it comes to family gifts, you’ve got to be prepared to pay

Posted December 16, 2019 05:59:30 If you’re expecting to have a family holiday this Christmas, you have to think about what you’re going to bring to the table.When it comes the gift of a baby, there’s no doubt the gifts you’ll need to consider are: a new baby shower; a baby shower that is bigger than you anticipated; and a […]