Family court: How you can pay your family back

Family court is a new form of family law.The idea is that if your child is in trouble with the law, the family court judge will hear the case.The judge will rule on the child’s case and decide whether or not he or she can keep the child.That’s the main difference between family court and child custody.It can also be […]

What the hell is a nudist school?

A nudist university may have become a household name recently, but the term nudist is still widely used.It’s a term that has come to describe a subset of nudist families who go for an annual, family-friendly outing to the beach or other places of relaxation.The term has been around for a long time, but it has taken a new, and […]

When you think of family vacation: Johnson family,family tree tattoo

Family vacations are the kind of thing that you never think about in your early 20s, but they’re the kind that really do come into your life. At least, that’s the way my parents and grandparents thought.Johnson family vacations were a time when we would travel to a family vacation home for the family to get together. And, when you consider that […]

Why is Kennedy family’s quagmire a bad fit for TV?

When you’re a family tree expert, you can always look for potential new family members and make sure the best fit is in the family tree.But the Kennedys aren’t really family members, and the TV series doesn’t really fit the “family guy” mold.There’s just something a little off about their relationship, and we’re not sure why.Kennedy family family tree plot […]

Which movie has the best trailer?

I’m always looking for the next big hit movie.If I’m watching a movie from a studio like Universal, Paramount or 20th Century Fox, I’m just waiting for it to be released on Blu-ray.But if I’m not watching a studio movie, I’ll sometimes find a new one on the digital marketplace. I found a new movie that was released on Netflix on […]

The Family Guy is a Family Guy episode you’ve never seen before

The Family Man, the family-friendly comedy created by Rob Thomas, is the first Family Guy to feature a major, long-distance rivalry between the main characters.While the episodes were created by the same person, the two different versions are different and completely different, and the family dynamic of The Family God is very different than its counterpart in the other Family […]

Which Family Members are Dating?

With the family portrait becoming a trend, and the popular Family Home Plans becoming increasingly popular, here’s a look at the current status of each family member dating in the family home.[Posted 3/8/2017 5:02:25]

Why New Jersey’s birth rate is way up

The state’s birthrate rose to a record high of 3.7 children per woman in March, the second-highest rate in the nation, according to the latest Census Bureau data.That’s a more than 50 percent increase from March 2016, which had the state at 2.7 births per woman.New Jersey’s median age rose to 37.3, the third-highest in the country, the most of […]

When ‘a child dies at home’ family asks for privacy

A family in Queensland is asking for privacy after a nine-year-old boy was found dead at home.The coroner has said a suicide note was found in the boy’s bedroom.The boy was identified by his family as a special needs child, who had suffered from epilepsy.“The coroner says it is a tragedy for the family,” his father said.“It’s a very tragic […]

How did I become a mother?

It took me a while to feel safe enough to ask my parents for help.We were still married, and we were already living in a rural house on the outskirts of Dublin, which, for reasons that had little to do with the weather, was very cold and damp.My mum, my sister and I shared a single room, and when we […]