Why is Kennedy family’s quagmire a bad fit for TV?

When you’re a family tree expert, you can always look for potential new family members and make sure the best fit is in the family tree.But the Kennedys aren’t really family members, and the TV series doesn’t really fit the “family guy” mold.There’s just something a little off about their relationship, and we’re not sure why.Kennedy family family tree plot […]

Which movie has the best trailer?

I’m always looking for the next big hit movie.If I’m watching a movie from a studio like Universal, Paramount or 20th Century Fox, I’m just waiting for it to be released on Blu-ray.But if I’m not watching a studio movie, I’ll sometimes find a new one on the digital marketplace. I found a new movie that was released on Netflix on […]

The Family Guy is a Family Guy episode you’ve never seen before

The Family Man, the family-friendly comedy created by Rob Thomas, is the first Family Guy to feature a major, long-distance rivalry between the main characters.While the episodes were created by the same person, the two different versions are different and completely different, and the family dynamic of The Family God is very different than its counterpart in the other Family […]