“You seem like you’re pretty strong- for a girl.”

Whether you are a powerlifter, weightlifter, strongwoman, or a CrossFit? athlete like Katrin Davidsdottir, if you are competitive and also you excel at your sport, you will have some muscle on your frame.

Which is awesome.

But? almost always there is an opportunity that you will date someone who do not possess the most appreciative opinion of your body.

Two-time Fittest Woman on the planet? Katrin Davidsdottir recently took part in this Valentine’s Day-themed Reebok commercial where she outlines some of her least favorite items to hear on a date.

“Can I touch parts of your muscles?”

“Spending too much time in the club seems so self-centered.”

“Do you think you’re stronger than I am?” (Yes.)

“Your hands look kinda rough.”

“Did your brother teach you how to lift?”

“I would not date a woman that’s stronger than I’m.”

It’s worth watching the recording to listen to how she responds to those kinds of comments, and she finishes it by describing what muscular women love to hear: compliments on their hard work, or how inspiring they are.

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It brought to mind a similar video of a female athlete discussing how it is like to reside in an unusually muscular physique, this time around the undefeated professional boxer and WBC world champion Alicia Napoleon.

Our favorite line:

“You shouldn’t be fearful of making your body strong. It’s an attractive thing and it’s what we’re designed to do. (-)

It’s a woman’s body. it’s not really a man’s body, so how could it be gonna look masculine? You’ll look strong. (…)

I’ve gotta wash that brain, I’ve gotta slap the society from you.”

We’ve might have a methods to go before we see powerlifters on the cover of favor magazines, but we love to to consider we’ll get there.