How to save your family’s house and move to a new one

Family home and family vacation is an option for many, but the real estate market may have gotten a little more expensive since last year.The market is still far from healthy and prices have been rising year-over-year.But the good news is that some of the cheaper options out there are starting to look pretty good.Here are the best deals on […]

Trump is planning to take ‘very strong’ stance on transgender people

President Donald Trump is expected to announce Thursday a ban on transgender students in schools, but it’s unclear what the president’s stance on the issue will be.Trump is likely to announce his position on transgender Americans at the end of the day.He could announce that the president has already made a decision about transgender students, as some Democrats have suggested, […]

Family: ‘It’s hard to see him anymore’

On Monday, the patriarch of the family of the Washington Nationals, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, was found dead in a motel room, the latest death in a string of suicides in the Washington area.The 43-year-old, whose real name is Juan Francisco Vargas, was shot multiple times in the chest and was pronounced dead at the scene.Police have not yet released a […]

Why a kennedy Family Tree Wizard can help your kids grow up with a big heart

Diggar family, the family tree wizard, has been a big help in my sons growing up.“The Family Wizard” allows me to do things that a human cannot,” he says.This year, I used the Family Wizard to help diggar family get ready for their summer homecoming.When my boys were about 6, they were in their first year of school.They were in […]

Gold star family pays tribute to fallen soldier

A Gold Star family is paying tribute to a Gold Star soldier who was killed in the line of duty last week.Key points:The family of the fallen soldier has paid tribute to the man who died at the Gold Coast’s Camp BastionThe family has asked the Federal Government to create a “National Treasure” to honour the fallen family member, the […]


Family members of two of the most prominent Kennedy family members will be involved in the holiday events in New York City, a spokesperson for the Kennedy Center said.The spokesperson said the Kennedy Family Foundation will lead a holiday event for Kennedy Family members that will take place on January 7 at the New York Public Library.The New York Daily […]

How to make the perfect match for the family’s match-making puzzle

A little girl with a matching pajama set is a family’s dream.A little boy with matching pants and a matching shirt is a match made in heaven.And a little girl who loves matching shoes and matching outfits is a princess.The problem is, these are all just rules, not the ones that really make a difference.In reality, family members and their […]

When God was my father: My story of a miracle family vacation

I grew up in a small town in New Hampshire, a town that’s famous for its summertime, family-friendly activities like kayaking, picnicking, and canoeing.I had the best summer ever, and I was lucky enough to have a wonderful father.I was fortunate enough to be raised by a loving, supportive mother who raised me to be the person I am today.My […]

When did we become a nation of gun owners?

In this April 18, 2021, file photo, members of the U.S. armed forces patrol in a parking lot in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.A new report from the Pew Research Center found that the percentage of gun ownership among Americans has never been lower, with more than 60 percent of adults owning guns at least some of the time.The study was […]

Modern family cast: Modern family is more than just family entertainment

With a new movie coming out on the horizon, family entertainment is a topic everyone has been asking about.But how exactly does it work?What’s the difference between family entertainment and traditional family entertainment?It all comes down to how you want to consume it, says modern family cast member, Ashley.“Family entertainment is really about what your family wants and what you […]