Why are so many of Switzerland’s families connected?

Posted October 09, 2018 09:05:16 The country is a Swiss melting pot, but it also has a number of family ties that are deeply rooted in Swiss tradition.Here are some of the most prominent ones.Family tree Abba’s children, Sophie, 9, and Bernadette, 7, who grew up in Bern and now live in Zurich.Abba, who was a musician, had his own […]

‘You can’t beat a good game’: ABC family feud game

A family feud over an expensive new home has hit a new low with a game that ended in a family feud.Family Guy fans got a shock as their favorite show turned into a family fight, and their loved ones suffered serious injuries after their beloved characters were forced to defend their turf.“What are you guys doing?That’s what they should […]