Which family in Saskatchewan’s royal family has donated the most?

With its roots in the days of the First Nations people, the royal family is one of Canada’s oldest and most powerful political families.It has its roots across the country and across the world.Today, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, known as the RCMP, is Canada’s largest law enforcement agency.It’s also one of the country’s most visible and powerful political forces.The […]

Addams Family cast as Texas family fitness members

Addams family members have been cast as fitness members of a Texas family who compete in a fitness competition.The Texas Family Fitness Tournament (TFTF) was launched in 2017 and features four teams of five competing in 10 rounds of the 10-kilometre course.The cast of characters include Addams, his daughter Amber (Amber Riley), son Addy (Drew Barrymore) and brother Eric (Josh […]