Why I’ve been having a family dinner with my parents for the past month

My family has been celebrating Thanksgiving with family and friends for months now, and for good reason.While we can all eat Thanksgiving meals whenever we want, the idea of sharing a meal with your family is something that is truly special.For many of us, Thanksgiving is when we are most at ease and the most productive of all, and while […]

Why the family dollar is an awesome way to spend family time

The family dollar offers a fun and convenient way to keep families engaged, connected and entertained during the holiday season.The family dinner or family party is perfect for your next family gathering or holiday celebration.In fact, the family dinner is such a hit that the family budget will have more than enough left over to fill the family freezer.It is […]

What you need to know about the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphone, including the new curved glass display and curved front panel.

Samsung has revealed its latest smartphone, the Galaxy S7, to the world for the first time, after unveiling it at its launch event in November.We already knew the new Galaxy S9 would be unveiled at the same event, but this is the first official confirmation of a curved screen and a curved front-panel.The company is calling it the “Super Bowl […]