What is the difference between a father and a mother? – NYT

A father’s job is to care for his children.A mother’s job, on the other hand, is to take care of herself and her children. It’s an oft-repeated narrative that women are the caregivers, the mothers are the breadwinners.But what is it that makes one parent and the other parent so different?A new study suggests it’s not that fathers have to take […]

How to watch family movies on the big screen: How to set your family up for success

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What does the dollar mean to you?

Share Share Share Some families may have been celebrating their birthdays in a big way at home with family dinner ideas and family dollar coupons. Others may have started their day by playing video games. For many, the dollar is their first real experience of spending on food.Here are some of the ways to use the dollar as a way to pay […]

Kenyan barris says Kenya’s ‘bitter’ family law could be repealed in weeks

Kenya’s government is considering changes to its family law to reduce the number of divorces in the country.Key points:Kenya’s new Family Law Reform Bill would allow a divorce to be filed in the absence of a spouse, parent or guardianIn a joint petition, the parents and the children would have the right to ask for a divorceThe new law would […]