How to tattoo a family member

A family tattoo is an incredibly personal choice, and often, one that involves an added level of secrecy.We spoke to two parents who used a family tattoo as a way to give their daughters the identity of the person they love and want to spend time with, without their knowledge.

Which is better? Royal Family Tribute or Proud Family Tattoo Ideas?

The Royal Family is one of the most popular, loved and beloved families in Australian culture, and is often celebrated with an array of commemorative tattoos and commemorative clothing.Here are some of the best options for those who love to design and paint their own.Royal Family Tributes Royal Family tributes, a design by Tessa Thompson, are often a staple of […]

How to Get a Tattoo of Your Child’s Birthmark on Your Body

Tattoos of children’s birthmarks can help identify them from birth and help with identification when they are adults.Here are some ideas on how to get a tattoo of your child’s birthmark on your body.This is one of many tattoos that can be found on your child, whether they’re a baby, toddler, or adult.You can choose a tattoo style that fits […]