Which is better? Royal Family Tribute or Proud Family Tattoo Ideas?

The Royal Family is one of the most popular, loved and beloved families in Australian culture, and is often celebrated with an array of commemorative tattoos and commemorative clothing.Here are some of the best options for those who love to design and paint their own.Royal Family Tributes Royal Family tributes, a design by Tessa Thompson, are often a staple of […]

Which family carers can I trust to look after me?

An article published on The Times of India, the Indian news site, on Friday revealed that the parents of three young children from the Delhi-based Steam family, which operates an online platform for family care, have been found to be sharing child care in India.The Times reports that the family care home of the children, which was run by the […]

What do people from different ethnic backgrounds, age groups, and religious affiliations think of matching pajama sets?

When you’re shopping for a match, your options may not be as limitless as they used to be.But now, you’re not limited to one or two pajAMA sets to choose from.The trend has been gaining traction and spreading, and there are some pretty cool options available for those of you looking to match pajamases with family members.Here are the top […]

How to save money on mobile phones with the microsoft Family app

The family-friendly family app microsoft is rolling out its family-focused family plan for Windows phones.Family plans will cost $99 per month for three or more children.The plan will also include one-time payments for up to $5,000, but there are no annual or lifetime limits.You’ll get one-hour calls, video calls and text messages on the phone, with calls and texts capped […]