A woman with no family has died after eating too many family meals at her home

An Ohio woman who said she couldn’t afford her family’s meals because she was broke has died.The woman, who has been identified by her family as 46-year-old Michelle D. Dorn, suffered from diabetes and had diabetes as a child, according to a release from the Lorain County Coroner’s Office.She lived at her family home in Ohio City for nearly 20 […]

Why the ‘ohana’ meme is wrong

On Monday, a video was posted online showing a man with a white labrador named Ohana playing with a toy doll that says “ohana” in Japanese.The caption reads: “ohANA” meaning family,or ohana is family.The video was taken by a woman who identified herself as the woman in the video, who has a white Labradoodle named OhANA named after her.Ohana is […]