The handsome hunk of Bollywood, Randeep Hooda, has lost 18 kilos for upcoming movie Sarabjit?The Highway star lost much weight to experiment with negligence a guy who has been imprisoned inside the Pakistan jail for years and later killed by way of the inmates. Eventhough it is?commendable what she has done to?look apt for the movie, an excessive amount of weight-loss so rapidly can raise many health issues to the actor. According to Dr Mahesh Shah, an interventional cardiologist, claims that losing an excessive amount weight rapidly?can improve chance heart diseases together with other risks too. Watch Dr Mahesh Shah discuss the evil results of quick weight loss here.

Ideally, somebody should lose only up to 0.5 to 1-kilo weight 7 days. Yes, you’ll be able to lose 15-20 kilos inside of a month through crash dieting, however it can not be maintained for an extended time.?Crash dieting may result in slow metabolism that will make you regain the body weight. Not only this, rapid weight loss could trigger depression, moodiness, malnourishment, low sexual drive along with other such problems. The graphic of?the actor, itself, raises many questions about wellbeing. Reducing weight has to be done slowly?paying attention to the nutrition requirements and physical activity. Lose fat without having affected your fitness routine. Though quick weight loss shows amazing results, its temporary which enables it to affect your quality of life and enhance your perils associated with heart diseases. Let us discuss 7 explanations why crash diets are bad on your behalf.